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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Labor Day morning, my youngest woke up and looked horrible. He was a strange color of grey that little people should not be. He had been having trouble breathing at night over the weekend, and attributed his color to lack of oxygen. We took him to the ER, and sure enough, his oxygen level was way down. Not asthma this time.... His adenoids were infected, and so swollen, that they were blocking his airway. The ER doctor recommended the surgeon that did her daughter's tonsils, but we had to have a referral just to get into the specialist. Poor little guy started on antibiotics, steroids, decongestants and Tylenol for pain and fever. We got into his regular doctor on Sept 7, sent to see the specialist on Sept 14, and she scheduled surgery on Sept 19. He had his tonsils and adenoids out, and tube put in his ears. I am not sure why he had tubes, he has never had an ear infection, but because the adenoids were so large, it was interfering with the pressure in his ears, and he was showing hearing loss in both ears.

We went for his post-op check-up yesterday, and everything is fine. His hearing in the right ear is borderline, but the audiologist said it will inprove in the next few years. The surgeon was surprised that he was off of his pain meds so quick, but he HATED the taste of them.

I wish I had taken the camera to the hospital with me. His poor little arm was full of puncture marks where they had tried to put in IVs (must have his mother's veins!). And right after surgery, he was holding his dad's hand through the bars on the bed. It was so sad/sweet. He lost 3.5 lbs through this experience, and he only weighed 43 lbs to begin with. Last Friday, he started eating again, and I don't think he has stopped eating since. Still not eating meat, but his big sister didn't eat meat for over a year when she was this age. I have cooked vegetarian before, I can do it again.

Sorry for no picture today... Probably some tomorrow. The little guy had the camera last week, so I have kitten pictures, and a really nice picture of his big sister to share.