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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My next big project (I always have at least one MAJOR project a year, plus many many smaller ones) is planning my parents 50th anniversary party. It is in July of 2007, but I will only see my brother once before then, and that is Thanksgiving of this year. The rest of the year, we will e-mail info, but I like face-to-face to get general reactions. Here are my ideas so far:

Anniversary –

1. White house greetings – send inquiry 6 weeks in advance (If you send info to the president, he will send a letter from the White House)

2. Private family dinner Friday night July 20th (NOT PIZZA!!)
a. Red Ox
b. Macomb Dining Company
c. The Pier

3. Anniversary Party - Saturday Afternoon or Sunday afternoon (Their anniversary is on Friday)
a. Invitations
I. JK Creative $130.00 for 500 postcards, we do layout. (picture postcards of their wedding picture and a current picture)
II. check at quick printers in Macomb for comparable pricing
b. Food
I. Cake (Hy-Vee or Phyllis?)
II. Meat/Cheese, Veggie Trays(Family only at the house beforehand?)
III. Nuts
IV. Mints (home made or store bought)
V. Punch (Aunt Avis’s Golden Punch)
VI. Coffee

c. Favors
I. Lifesavers with custom wrappers
II. Miniature chocolate bars with custom wrappers
III. Napkins with names and dates

d. Decorations
I. Anniversary Banner
II. Table cloths and table skirts
III. Flowers – Indoor Arbor (?)
IV. Picture Display Table
V. Display wedding dress

e. Photographer
I. Jim again
II. Hartman this time?

f. Music
I. CDs of Big Band Swing
II. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. etc.

4. Unique Gifts
a. Scrapbook their existing pictures
b. – Photo stamp of their wedding picture $17.99 per sheet
c. ‘Precious Moments’ 50th anniversary figurines (ebay)
d. 50th Frame or Throw

All other thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. I think if I could pull off a wedding for 400 with only 2 months prep time, this should be spectacular!



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