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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

5 days since my last post, so I better write something...

I was going to tell you about Ken Jennings Blog, and his trivia contest, but some schmuck from the Washington Post wrote about him today(and not nicely I might add), and now his CPU quota is exceeded, and I cannot access his site.
Y'all remember Ken Jennings who won on Jeopardy! for like 6 months. I love that guy. He is a geek, and a nerd, and has an amazing sense of humor. He reminds me of several people that I knew in college.

Okay, I have nothing... I feel like that guy in the Toyota comercial...completely blank, with the answer right there. Yes, I was at Wal-Mart on Sunday afternoon, and I still forgot to buy batteries, so no new digital pics until I do that.

I also forgot light bulbs, and let me tell you the trip to bed up the twisty winding stairs in the dark is quite an adventure. No one has broken their neck yet, but I am always the first one up, so I turn on a bedroom light so everyone else can see.

Love living in the middle of nowhere... Hate forgetting something important when I actually get into town.

- Julie


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