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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I SAID: "My psychic abilities are not working today, so can you please tell me who is calling?" to the accounting consultant. Who knew he had such a goofy side? He now calls me the Dalhi Llama, or speaks gibberish whenever he calls in! What fun.
I WANT: A fulfilling job that pays a whole lot more than this one does
I WISH: I could be a stay at home mom.
I HATE: Having to be a bitch to get anyone to help me around the house
I MISS: Sherry
I HEAR: Mr. Loud - He never shuts up, and never shuts his door and always uses his speaker phone.
I WONDER: What my life would have been like if I had gone into the military
I REGRET: Having ever remarried
I AM NOT: stupid, or a ditz
I DANCE: To make my children laugh
I SING: All the time, and sometimes I even get paid for it
I CRY: several times a week. I am really working on this though
I AM NOT ALWAYS: on the internet.. it just seems like it!!
I WRITE: To clear my thoughts
I NEED: to stop eating carmel corn.
I SHOULD: Save more money
I'll START: Planting Green peppers when I get home from work tonight.
I FINISHed: Two of the monstrous piles of work that the accounting department gave to me!!


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